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Know Your Area Funds

Technical Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to a system to track government spending. More particularly, relates to a method for knowing a fund sanctioned to a region and track the usage of the funds and development happened in the region.

Government spending has always drawn fraudsters, and the current stimulus spending huge amounts on welfare schemes by state and central governments in India add to the potential for corruption. Often, a single procurement contract issued by a government agency can be awarded such that multiple recipients are hired to perform or provide services at different levels of the contract. However, each stage of the procurement contract offers opportunities for different players to commit fraud or abuse. It has been reported that fraud and abuse corruption raises procurement contract costs by at least 20 percent.

Our Project


To Know Your Area Funds / sanction amount to develop your area.
These funds are come from Government give Best facilities to people.
For this funds use to people by Leaders / Politicians.
For this work the leaders get special allowances and salaries.

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By this effect, will become changes the Voters Thinking ability
It's right to choice that they can choose right Leaders.
It can avoid the corruption on election time.
People think take the money from leaders.
They realize that development is important to their area.

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